Find the Right Financing Option

One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of operating a staffing agency is maintaining payroll, tax and invoice services. Staffing firms have a multitude of options to consider when identifying the best path to manage that financial side of the business—outsourcing it completely, handling it all internally or picking a combination of the two. […]

Leading the HR Revolution

Staffing Agencies Grow Into Integral COG for Business By Danielle Toth Booming business for staffing agencies signals more than a boost in a firm’s bottom line, it indicates a boost in the overall economy. “Economists, market analysts, academics and people in the business community should pay close attention to our industry,” says Richard Wahlquist, president […]

Making it Count

How to use social networking to advance your business Handshake networking always will exist. Digital networking, though, offers staffing firms an expanded “room” in which to connect with prospects and clients. “Leveraging social networks is definitely something people have to keep up with, learn about and move forward with because it’s where everything is going,” […]

4 Big Mistakes that Could Land your Agency in Hot Water

Are you making mistakes that could cost you dearly? Workers’ comp, client contracts, taxes and more all can be a recipe for disaster if not handled appropriately. Heed the words of a certified public accountant and the president of the American Staffing Association as they identify the four biggest mistakes staffing firms make. 1. Don’t […]

Staffing Professionals Speak on Online Career Profiles

In a recent article that appeared on, the website of the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a daily newspaper in Texas, several staffing agency professionals discuss the importance of the image job candidates portray on social media. The article mainly focuses on LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals. One of the points discussed in the article is […]

Staffing Agency President Discusses Revenue Blocks

Ken Sundheim, president and founder of KAS Placement, a recruiting firm that also helps smaller companies with sales force realignment, a tactical way for smaller firms to quickly gain mass amounts of market share, was recently featured on Business Insider discussing revenue blocks small businesses must overcome. Sundheim regularly writes for Business Insider, a website that […]

Staffing Agency CEO Featured on “Undercover Boss”

Shelly Sun, CEO and co-founder of BrightStar Care, a national healthcare staffing firm, was featured on a recent episode of CBS’ “Undercover Boss,” which aired Apr. 17. Sun went undercover as a caregiver, certified nursing assistant and licensed practical nurse, according to Her husband, J.D., also went undercover as a caregiver. “I am grateful to […]

How To Start a New Staffing Agency

So you’ve made the decision to start a staffing agency. What now? Owen E. Richason IV of Demand Media offers a step-by-step guide to successfully starting a staffing agency on the Small Business section of the Houston Chronicle’s website. Richason outlines four steps: determine your start-up costs, register your staffing business, obtain financing and develop […]

CIT Trade Finance Releases 2011 U.S. Factoring Overview

Jonathan Lucas, chief sales officer for CIT Trade Finance, a leading provider of financing to small businesses and middle market companies, recently released his “2011 U.S. Factoring Overview,” the latest in a series of executive Q&As featured in CIT’s “Executive Spotlight” series. Lucas says suppliers are looking to factors as a source of capital. “Factoring is also attractive […]

Benefits of Temporary Workers

The Yakima Herald-Republic, a daily newspaper in Washington state, recently featured an article highlighting the benefits of temporary workers as a way to hire employees with minimal risk. The article features several temporary workers who are happy with their employment in the industry and also reinforces the trend that hiring at staffing firms is considered a […]