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Larry Holstein, President of TemPay

Larry Holstein
The president of TemPay LLC has guided the business into a nationally recognized payroll factoring company.

"I am here for my customers. I am the founder and owner but my clients routinely call me in the off-hours with questions and concerns about their funding issues."

"TemPay’s responsiveness and speed-to-reply are downright impressive. They never neglect me or keep me waiting. I appreciate their integrity!"

Guidance and Advice from a Career in Payroll Funding & Factoring

Starting any new business is a tremendous labor of love and requires dedication, commitment, and often times - sacrifice.

Starting a temporary staffing agency is more arduous because your customers often don't have the financial agility to pay your fees on a weekly basis, while your staffing team expects weekly or bi-weekly paychecks. Fortunately, there's payroll factoring to save the day.

With more than 25 years in the business of payroll invoice factoring under our belts, Larry Holstein and the TemPay team understand the complexities and nuances of running a successful temp agency.

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