How To Start a New Staffing Agency

So you’ve made the decision to start a staffing agency. What now?

Owen E. Richason IV of Demand Media offers a step-by-step guide to successfully starting a staffing agency on the Small Business section of the Houston Chronicle’s website.

Richason outlines four steps: determine your start-up costs, register your staffing business, obtain financing and develop your client base.

“A staffing agency will not require as much start-up capital as a retail business but will have to purchase office equipment, such as computers, a fax machine, copy machine, telephones, desks and file cabinets, as well as evaluation software to test a job candidate’s computer skills,” Richason says in the article.

To market a new agency, Richason suggests printing brochures and business cards and delivering them to local businesses, including accountants, law offices, medical offices, advertising agencies, financial planning firms and other professional offices.

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