Temp Agencies Charging More

Temp agencies nationwide are charging more, which many hope foreshadows salary boosts for permanent employees, according to a recent article that appeared in the Fort Wayne, Ind., Journal Gazette.

Staffing agencies are the first to reflect shifts in wages because demand for their services is more immediate, prompting “real time” changes in fees, Tobey Sommer, a staffing analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Inc. in Nashville, Tenn., says in the article. By contrast, he says, employers calibrate compensation for permanent workers less frequently, causing those adjustments to lag.

A reason fees are going up is during the recession, companies learned that being leaner often means having workers perform various duties, and as a result, workers are becoming more skilled.

“Companies have higher demands and want people to be able to do more coming in,” Joel Daas, area manager for Manpower Staffing in Fort Wayne said in the article. “That means you have to pay more for that talent.”

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