Top 7 Cities to Find a Job in IT

As the economy recovers, many companies are reinvesting in technology and, consequently, hiring more IT professionals. Modis, a a global provider of information technology staffing services, identified a list of the top seven cities across the country to find IT jobs today. They are:

1. Houston
2. Washington, DC
3. Columbus, OH
4. Detroit
5. Philadelphia
6. Edison, NJ
7. Boston

Modis based the list of top cities on internal data, taking into account factors such as the number of job openings over the past quarter, growing industries in the area and the intensity of the war for talent in these regions.

Houston claimed the top spot in large part due to its position as a key hub for numerous global organizations – many of which are now rebounding from the recession and benefitting from increased IT budgets, Modis says.

“As companies gain confidence in the economy, they are looking to invest in new projects that require skilled IT talent,” said Jack Cullen, president of Modis. “The cities we’ve identified on this list have a number of different characteristics that make them among the best places to find an IT job today, and  IT professionals who are looking to get ahead in their careers have tremendous potential in these markets.”

To view more information on the top cities, click here.

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