Employers Now Demand Multiple Skills

In the post-recession United States, employers are now searching for employees with multiple skills, according to a recent article that appeared in USA Today.

During the last recession, companies laid off millions of workers and discovered ways to garner more output from existing employees. Technology such as videoconferencing has also increased efficiency and freed time for employees to focus on other tasks, according to the article.

Schools and training programs are responding to the trend. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, for example, is offering classes that teach laid-off workers how to design, sell and install rooftop solar-power systems in response to demands from employers seeking workers who can do all three functions, according to the article.

“Employers are being very selective about hiring, and they want to hire people who are good at a lot of things,” Jonas Prising, Americas president for staffing firm ManpowerGroup, says in the article.

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