How to Retain Employees

The most valuable commodity in any business is its people.

Finding good people can be a challenge, so once you have them, you want to make sure you keep them.

Now that the economy is rebounding, businesses should look at what they have cut from employees – raises, 401(k)s, bonuses, etc. – and consider restoring some of them, according to Sandra Miles, who heads the Miles Employment Group, a staffing firm in British Columbia. Miles gives this and other tips in a recent article that appeared on, the human resources arm of Business & Legal Resources, a compliance information company.

“Pick out a few less expensive options, like the 401(k) match or pizza luncheons,” Miles says in the article. “Then put together a committee of employees to arrange an outing of some sort, at company expense, that will be billed entirely as a morale booster. In fact, that message of boosting morale should be just the first in a major communications campaign.”

For that communications campaign, Miles recommends over-communicating by explaining exactly what the company is doing financially and operationally and what plans are in the works for new products or services.

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