Employees Eager to Take Vacation, Survey Finds

Many employees are planning to take vacations and “unplug” from work this summer, according to a recent survey by Adecco Staffing US, a recruitment and workforce solutions provider.

The survey found 78 percent of employees are not concerned about their job security if they take a vacation. Employees are also looking to “unplug” while they’re away – only 37 percent said they plan to connect with the office via cell or email while on vacation this summer.

“As Summer 2010 kicks off and the economy continues to show renewed promise of recovery, employees are looking to enjoy the summer season without the worry and fear of losing their job,” said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance at Adecco Group North America. “This likely indicates employees feeling a renewed confidence in the economy and increased feelings of job security in the workplace are returning. Employers preparing for the rest of the summer may want to consider offering or reinstituting summer perks, where possible, which could potentially boost employee morale and help aid employee retention. We’ve mentioned before that as the job market improves, we’ll likely be seeing a shift in workplace moves and now is the time for employers to focus on building positive experiences for employees.”

Adecco provides several tips for keeping morale high during the summer months, including providing a “thank you” note or phone call and making the workplace fun by turning on music in the afternoon or breaking up the day with a trivia game.

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