Staffing Firm Takes Different Approach to Recruiting

Spearhead Staffing President Doug Bryson has six years’ management experience overseeing IT support organizations. This background has helped him develop a unique understanding of the needs of the customer as well as the staffing provider, according to a recent Bridgewater Patch article.

“Because staffing is a ‘broker business’ I think staffing companies tend to get put into a bucket where their employees will say anything to get a deal done,” Bryson says in the article. “That is not how we operate. We focus on the art of recruiting.”

That art of recruiting involves making sure that the personalities of the candidates and the clients really match, Bryson says in the article.

For example, Spearhead Staffing, a New Jersey-based IT staffing firm, utilizes the RightHire recruiting process, which creates emphasizes continuous client feedback, Bryson says in the article. The process includes double-check reviews, Internet identity checks, technical and personality testing and other methods.

“Our greatest challenge today is the overall uncertainty related to our macro-economy,” Bryson says in the article. “And although we are fortunate that IT is an area that is growing and hiring this year, until we have more job creation and more positive GDP, it will be a difficult climate for all staffing companies for the near future.”

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