Social Media’s 7 Deadly Sins

While social media can be excellent tools for your business, they also come with risks. Bloomberg Businessweek recently shared the seven deadly sins businesses commit while using social media. Avoid these to ensure your staffing firm is utilizing your social media in the best ways.

Compromising confidentiality. The article recommends against posting or tweeting anything that’s confidential or that employees investors or customers could interpret in a negative way. “In the world of social media, private really doesn’t mean private,” the article says. “The people you’ve friended can always quote or paraphrase your thoughts to others—people you never intended to get their hands on that information.”

– Accidentally Associating Your Employer. When posting in forums, on blogs or on social media sites etc., make it clear you’re speaking for yourself and not your employer, the article says. However, don’t list the employer’s name because when people search for the company, your post may come up.

To view the five other “sins,” click here.

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