CEO Turns Slumping Staffing Firm Around

When Thomas Moran, CEO of Mastech, an information technology and health care staffing firm, came on board in 2009, the company’s revenue revenue was down more than 17 percent. Since then, Mastech has experienced strong growth, with sales jumping 31 percent in the past year, Steve Wolfe, senior vice president of branch services, said in a recent Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article. He attributes the change to Moran’s leadership.

“It was the highest single growth of any publicly traded IT staffing firm in our entire industry,” Wolfe said in the article. “The expectation, according to industry analysts, was about 12 percent.”

Moran, who has more than 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, including leading another company through a transition similar to Mastech’s, made several changes when he joined Mastech.

“The most important thing we needed to look at was what we do for a living, and that we are a sales organization,” Moran said in the article. “I added policies and procedures that focus on accountability and teamwork around growth. We (also) needed to put in compensation plans to reward people for growth.”

To learn more about Mastech and its turnaround, read the entire article here.

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