7 Ways Leaders Betray Employee Trust

Breaching employee trust – even in small ways – can be detrimental to your business. Employees pull back, withholding their full energy and talent, according to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article.

The article gives seven ways business leaders often betray their employees’ trust – and how to avoid them.

– You withhold trust in others. If you want people to trust you, you need to trust them, the article says. Avoid micromanaging and give employees the room to put their full talents to work.

– You don’t admit your mistakes. When you mess up, acknowledge your mistake, the article advises. By admitting your own mistakes, you not only acknowledge your humanity but allow others to acknowledge theirs.

– You spin the truth. Do you tell your employees the truth, or do you tweak it? Tell it like it is because if and when your employees find out the truth, they’ll lose their trust in you, the article says.

To read the full article and learn more ways business leaders breach employee trust an how to avoid it at your own staffing firm, click here.

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