Avoid Employer Interview Mistakes

While it is important for a potential job candidate to put his or her best foot forward, it is equally important for an employer to do so as well.

“Hiring people is the most important thing you can do by and large as far as negatively affecting your business,” Bill Driscoll, New England district president for Robert Half International, a specialized global staffing firm, said in a recent entrepreneur.com article.

Some of the common mistakes interviewers make include:

– Being too personal: Never ask anything related to a candidate’s age, nationality, religion or marital status. Even if a question seems harmless or comes up during small talk, it can come back as discriminatory and hurt your business, according to the article.

– Asking general questions: While you don’t want to ask personal questions, you also don’t want to stick to just the standard interview questions either, according to the article. Any candidate can rehearse for these questions and give a good response. Instead of asking a candidate to tell you about him or herself, for example, ask what his or her greatest personal achievement is and how he or she accomplished it, J.T. O’Donnell, founder of the career advice blog Careerealism.com, says in the article. This gives much more insight into a person’s work ethic and committment.

To view more tips on interviewing potential employees for your staffing firm, read the full article here.

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