Communicating the Benefits of Temporary Workers

While many employers see the obvious benefits of hiring permanent employees, many overlook the numerous benefits of hiring temporary employees.

Temporary workers are less likely to develop negative attitudes based on exposure to office politics and management issues, Bonnie Burke, co-owner of Shore Staffing, says in a recent column that appeared in the Delaware Wave, a weekly newspaper in Delaware.

Burke also offers some tips a business should follow when hiring temporary staff. Your staffing firm can communicate these tips to your clients so they are better prepared for their temporary employees.

  • Tell your staff what you are doing. Even the most secure employee will feel threatened if they see a new person come in, even if it’s for three weeks.
  • Be specific with the temporary worker, telling them exactly what you want done.
  • Treat them the way you want to be treated. Even if they are only with you a short time, they should be treated like other members of the team.

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