Job Hunting Today Requires Different Skill Set

Post-recession job hunting is much different than it was pre-recession, writer Kyle O’Donnell says in a column that appeared in the Daily Local News, a Pennsylvania newspaper.

O’Donnell discusses his own trouble finding a job after graduating college in 2009 and some lessons he learned along the way, including the benefits of utilizing staffing firms.

“At one point in my job search, I submitted approximately 10 online applications per week. I never received a single interview request,” O’Donnell says in the column. “Within six weeks of hiring a staffing firm, I had three interviews and a job offer. Companies often have candidates scheduled for interviews by the time the positions are posted on the Internet. Staffing firms have relationships with department managers, so they often know of a job opening before it is made public.”

To read the entire column, click here.

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