New Mindset Required to Unleash Worker Potential

ManpowerGroup, a global staffing firm and participant in The Economist‘s “Ideas Economy: Human Potential” event held Sept. 14 and 15 in New York City, explained how developing a long-term workforce strategy that fails to build on individual worker interests and skills and new external marketplace realities presented by today’s Human Age will jeopardize an employer’s overall competitiveness.

Speaking at a panel during the event, Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup executive vice president of global strategy & talent, said that relying on old work models to lead today’s increasingly complex workforce is futile. Outdated thinking generally lacks the flexible, comprehensive and strategic approach needed to identify, retain and develop the right talent to fulfill a business strategy, she said.

“Good analytics will help but what we really need is more in-tuned leaders, versus stubborn traditionalists, who can leverage the interconnectivity of Human Age factors in real time and avoid approaching new challenges with old assumptions, models and practices,” Swan said during the event. “Executives across the board are not spending enough time on workforce strategies and need to focus an equalizing effort put into both business and talent strategies.”

For more information on the panel and the importance of updating outdated thinking, view the press release by clicking here.

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