Staffing Firm Seeks Better Feedback on Worker Performance

Tanya Sarakinis, founder and chief executive officer of Canadian staffing firm Emerg-Plus Inc., has a problem: As the number of placements grow, she is having increasing trouble staying on top of her work force’s performance.

Sarakinis was recently featured in a Globe and Mail article, and her plight was posed to several experts, who explain how she can better monitor quality assurance.

Barry Levine, principal at RSM Richter, a Canadian accounting, business advisory and consulting firm, for example, suggests Sarakinis create an automated email or survey tool that goes out to the manager to follow up after a placement is completed.

“It shouldn’t be obtrusive, and it’s something that should only take a few minutes,” he says in the article. “Keep the questions short, use ranking check boxes [and] it has to be automated. Let the managers know that the objective is to improve the quality. Tell them if they want their needs met, there needs to be a feedback loop.”

For more insight on how your temporary staffing firm, like Sarakinis’, can better monitor quality assurance, read the entire article by clicking here.

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