How to Create a Marketing Plan

Whether your staffing firm is just starting out or you’ve been around awhile, a marketing plan is critical to growing and expanding your business.

A plan is simple to put together, and the benefits are numerous. Follow these tips from to get started:

  • Allow yourself a couple of months to write the plan, even if it’s only a few pages long. Most marketing plans kick off with the first of the year or with the opening of your fiscal year.
  • All the players in your company should see and contribute to the plan. This is especially important because it will take all aspects of your company to make your marketing plan work. Your key people can provide realistic input on what’s achievable and share any insights they have on as-yet-unrealized marketing opportunities.
  • Your marketing plan and business plan should be consistent. If you don’t have a business plan, create one first, as it is your guiding document. Then make sure the two documents jive in what your company wants to achieve.

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