How to Be a More Mature Leader


“Sandbox” leadership – in which leaders act like spoiled children and resort to arrogance, personal attacks, tantrums and pouting – is all too prevalent in business these days, according to Harvard Business Review Blogger, Richard Davis.

“This bad behavior is not necessarily a new thing. Decorum, self-control, compromise and honor have been found lacking in both the political realm and the c-suite before,” Davis says in the blog post. “And to be fair, many leaders—I would even say the majority—are honest, hard-working, dedicated individuals. But just as grains of sand that find their way into a grist mill make the bread inedible, the leadership that’s getting attention in both the private and public sector today is equally poisonous. To put it simply, we need more mature leaders—now.”

To become a more mature leader, Davis offers several easy tips:

  • Know your triggers. Recognize the kinds of events that bring out the worst in you.
  • Assemble a “personal board of directors.” Find a person or group of people you can trust to share your feelings and experiences with honestly so that you don’t snap and get defensive under pressure.
  • Define your personal code.Take a moment to write down five things you believe in as a leader. Share your list with the people who report to you.

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