Temporary Tax Accounts in Short Supply


Staffing firms are excellent sources for temporary tax accountants; however, companies regularly underestimate the availability of this group, Andrew Reina, managing director of Accounting Principals, says in a recent CFO magazine article.

The firm fills all types of positions, and tax accountants are usually the the scarcest in supply, he says. However, as tax season approaches and then heads into full-swing, Accounting Principals is flooded with requests for them.

The reason for the scarcity is that most accountants with tax degrees receive jobs immediately after school with public accounting firms and then move on to corporations, Reina says in the article. Also, tax professionals typically are conservative in their careers and stay with their employers longer than their peers in finance and accounting areas.

The pool is also small because tax work is specialized, technical and demanding, he says. It is also constantly changing as new rules and regulations come out, decreasing its appeal.

If companies do hire temporary tax accounts, Reina advises they have reasonable expectations. Many companies only give the temporary employees a one-day orientation and then expect them to be fully up to speed on the organization and its systems, he says in the article. Staffing firms should make sure they communicate that these workers need time to learn the company’s ropes.

“Companies should expect high-quality work from anybody they bring in, but it’s not fair to compare those folks to employees who have been there for years,” Reina says. “There need to be goals and expectations that are challenging but achievable.”

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