5 Unique Marketing Ideas


Small businesses have a smaller budget than larger companies, and as such, need to come up with more unique marketing ideas that maximize their dollars, according to a recent MainStreet article. MainStreet provides personal finance tips and advice for consumers.

The article highlights five businesses that implemented untraditional marketing ideas that became huge hits:

  • Footzyrolls – When Footzyrolls co-founders Sarah and Jennifer Caplan arrived for a trade show, they found their booth was in the back of the show. The foldable shoe company decided to hire a production company to film them for four hours each day in a reality show format and also promoted their booth by giving away free flip-flops. Their marketing worked, and their booth received the traffic they desired. The duo also landed a deal with online shoe distributor Zappos as a result of the show.
  • Jeanne Brutman LLC – When financial planner Jeanne Brutman was having trouble getting clients in the door, she took her love for baking chocolate chip cookies to the next level. For the last 10 years, Brutman has been baking cookies each morning for client meetings. She also brings them to networking events and sends them to potential clients’ homes after meetings. She attributes much of her success to the cookies, which make people happy and show they’re appreciated, she says.

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