Staffing a Second Career For Many Professionals


It is not uncommon for many professionals to recruit for staffing firms as a second job, according to the Calgary Herald, a weekly newspaper in Alberta, Canada.

Barrie Carlyle, for example, didn’t start out thinking about a staffing career. The director of operations for Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions in Toronto was a lawyer before transitioning to a staffing role.

“Like a lot of people who do recruiting, I got snapped up from a different career path,” he says in the article. “I saw an executive search recruiter about moving to a different area in law, and they asked if I was interested in doing legal recruiting. And I was.”

Claude Balthazard, vice president of regulatory affairs and registrar for the Human Resources Professionals Association in Toronto, confirms he has seen many professionals enter the staffing industry as a second career.

“What you are really bringing is a knowledge of the community you came from and able to use those connections to find the right people and assignments,” he says.

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