Staffing Firm Offers ‘Treadmill Desks’

Financial staffing firm Salo is helping employees get their exercise by offering ‘treadmill desks,’ according to a recent New York Times article.

There are four treadmill desks, where a height-adjustable working surface is placed above the treadmill track, in one of Salo’s conference rooms, according to the article. The desks face one another so employees can walk and work at the same time.

In a separate room, there are six treadmill desks with computers. Employees can use them to walk and work simultaneously, according to the article. They can also play Ping-Pong on a table set up in the office.

“It took a bit of adjustment,” said Craig Dexheimer, Salo’s director of operations and administration. “It’s normal to walk and talk at the gym, but in an office setting it was a bit strange at first.”

To learn more about the desks, read the article by clicking here.