Survey Evaluates Gender Differences in IT

Gender differences in overall career satisfaction and career progression have equalized over the previous year, according to the 2011 Technisource Women in Information Technology Report. Technisource is one of the largest technology talent and services providers in North America. However, significant variances still exist in how men and women view compensation equality and the belief that one gender has an advantage and/or faces differing challenges in their careers.

The new study continues the previous year’s trend of men valuing compensation more and female IT pros valuing flexibility more than their male counterparts. However, the 2011 survey now shows that both sexes value being challenged more than any other factor.

“It is very encouraging to see so many of the differing factors of how men and women view employment within the technology field starting to stabilize and reach equal levels,” said Alisia Genzler, vice president of the Northeast Region of Technisource. “Yet, there is still a battle for perception of equality around compensation and the greater societal issue of promoting IT as a career path for young women. In the end, employers need to recognize that both men and women are not only looking to be fairly compensated, but also desire to be mentored and challenged in their career. Those that don’t constantly strive to provide that challenge will end up losing top talent to the competition.”

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