Plenty of Opportunities for Staffing Firms, Adecco Exec Says

Tig Gilliam, head of Adecco SA’s North America Group, anticipates more temporary hiring in professional sectors from employers that are unwilling to take the chance on permanent employees and believes U.S. firms have reached maximum productivity levels, according to a recent Wall Street Journal interview. Even a minor uptick in demand, he says in the article, will lead to a hiring spurt.

Industries that will see the strongest growth include engineering, health care, IT and finance, he says.

“If you look at the [current] economic cycle in terms of the temporary reaction to the recovery, it’s better than average,” he says in the article. “If you look at it in terms of permanent job growth, it’s less than average. Companies have been able to get to levels of productivity with the staff they had that they didn’t expect, and they’re looking to rely more on flexible resources than permanent because they don’t want to go through the layoffs again.”

To learn more about Gilliam’s thoughts on opportunities for staffing firms, read the full article by clicking here.