How to Retain Top Talent

Global staffing firm ManpowerGroup recently released a research paper, “Hire and Retain the Best Talent With Success Mapping,” that looks at the core workplace skills and competencies driving the talent shortage and makes recommendations for how employers can retain top talent.

“Employers must upgrade one-dimensional job descriptions and supplement them with detailed competency requirements and a framework for how to succeed in a designated role and function,” said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. “It’s the responsibility of both employers and candidates to collaboratively refine the most critical skills and mindsets needed in today’s fast-changing workplace. Individuals are exercising an increasingly powerful voice in today’s Human Age and so they are expected to take charge of developing the skills needed to bolster an employer’s marketplace competitiveness.”

To guide this effort, ManpowerGroup advocates using “Job Success Profiles,” a template for mapping essential hard skills and workplace competencies, traditionally known as “soft” skills, against expected outputs and outcomes.

For more information on “Job Success Profiles” and ManpowerGroup’s findings and recommendations, download the paper by clicking here.