How to Create a Collaborative Workplace

Having employees who work well together is an employer’s top goal when creating the ideal workplace. Mandy Gilbert, CEO of Toronto staffing firm Creative Niche, provides tips for creating this collaborative workforce in a recent Globe and Mail article:

  • Arrange a meet-and-greet: When Gilbert set out to hire a client relations manager, she wanted to make sure she had the right fit for the company. She arranged an after-hours party for the top candidate to meet the staff and received excellent feedback recommending the hire.
  • Develop a brand: Top talent want to be part of a team, so make sure your company is known for its teamwork. Social media will be especially helpful in this endeavor as more and more potential employees use this medium to research companies.
  • Treat staff like partners: Gilbert says she consults her team on all major decisions and changes in the company’s direction. When it was recently preparing to expand internationally, for example, she sat down with the whole staff to see if they were on board with the idea, understood the challenges and opportunities and were willing to put in the effort to ensure the expansion was a success.

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