Hotel Workers Sue Staffing Firm For Potential Violations

Hotel workers in Indianapolis have sued staffing firm Hospitality Staffing Solutions and 10 hotels in Indianapolis for wage and hour violations.

If the lawsuit is certified as a collective action, the group could be entitled to as much as $10 million, according to Unite Here, a union representing the workers.

The workers allege the staffing firm and hotels failed to regularly pay them for hours worked and forced them to work off the clock and without breaks, according to the union. They also allege current contracts between hotels and HSS create an unfair monopoly over hotel labor.

“Every day I was told by my Hyatt manager to come in to work early and work before clocking in, and forced to work through my breaks without being paid,” Martha Gonzalez, a plaintiff in the lawsuit who used to work as a housekeeper at a Hyatt hotel through the HSS agency, said in a union press release. “I am supporting my three children and often there was not enough money in my paycheck to pay for food.”

For more information, read the press release by clicking here.