Employers Can’t Find Qualified Workers

With so many unemployed people out there, employers should be able to easily meet their hiring needs, right?

Not so, according to an article from First Coast News, a Gannett-owned broadcast station in Jacksonville, Florida.

The article cites a Manpower Group survey in which more than half of U.S. employers surveyed by the staffing firm last year said they were having trouble filling job openings because they couldn’t find qualified workers. That’s a huge 38 percentage point jump from 2010, when only 14 percent said they were having trouble filling positions, First Coast News reports.

Some economists and labor experts say there is a legitimate talent shortage in certain industries, but others say there are other factors making it difficult for employers to connect with the right employees, according to the article.

Melanie Holmes, a vice president with Manpower Group, explains in the article that the nation’s high unemployment rate left many recruiters feeling they didn’t have to look very hard to find a great candidate and could skimp on money or benefits.

“Employers are getting pickier and pickier,” she said. “We want the perfect person to walk through the door.”

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