Huge Need For High-tech Workers, Staffing Firm Reports

In a recent WXYZ broadcast, staffing firm G-Tech says demand is way up for high-tech workers because so many qualified people left the state during the economic downturn and collapse of the auto industry. However, now that the economy and job market are improving, companies are seeing a labor shortage.

“With all of the automotive returning, the primary jobs are in powertrain,” says Claudette Cunitz, senior vice president at G-Tech. “With the new emission standards, there is a real push toward hybridization. There is a need for powertrain, NVH, mechanical and electrical. All engineering disciplines are in high demand.”

G-Tech says the hottest job opening right now is for an engineer. However, there’s also a big demand for IT people, senior program managers, developers and business analysts as companies are starting to grow again.

For more information, read WXYZ’s article by clicking here.