Staffing Firm Achieves Success by Remaining Family-owned

Canadian staffing firm The Bagg Group has grown from a small firm with 12 employees and $5-million in annual revenue in 19990 to about 70 employees and revenue expected to top $30 million this year.

Part of the reason the firm has been able to see so much growth and success is that it is family-owned, according to a recent Financial Post article.

Geoff Bagg, who joined the firm in 1990 and bought his parents out in 1999, says in the article remaining family-owned helped foster a more personal culture in his business, which handles fulltime placement, temporary staffing and IT consulting.

“We try to meet every candidate face-to-face and then a lot of our sales and work with customers is done face-to-face because it’s definitely a hightouch business,” he says in the article.

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