Strategies to Improve Employability Skills of Youth

Staffing firm ManpowerGroup recently released white paper addressing the growing regional and global problem of youth unemployment.

“Today’s youth face multiple remediable barriers to building employability skills. They lack skills, experience and credentials relevant to the workplace; resources to help inform career choices; and a lack of available entry-level jobs that lead to meaningful careers,” said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. “Thinking needs to shift from job security to employment security — possessing the skills necessary to remain employable.”

The paper, “Wanted: Energized, Career-Driven Youth,” offers these tips for improving the employability skills of youth:

  • Participate in career guidance programs for youth still in school:Employers should partner with schools and other vocational institutions to improve the quality and delivery of career services for young people, who are making important decisions about their future.
  • Create and engage with programs that build young people’s work experience: Young people need to acquire experience that demonstrates to employers they are capable of applying skills to business tasks. Internships, project work and short-term temporary work are superior alternatives to an extended period of unemployment.

For more tips, read a press release by clicking here. To read the white paper, click here to download a PDF.