Technology Can Help Your Firm Run More Efficiently

Technology makes your firm’s operations run faster, easier and more economically.

One such way technology can help your staffing firm is in your hiring process, according to a recent Smart Business interview with Jeremy Wilcomb, operations manager at The Daniel Group, an executive search and contract staffing firm.

Video resume technology is one of the newest technologies staffing firms are using because it enables them to get a feel for candidates who might be located some distance away, Wilcomb says. The technology allows you to hear how a potential hire would answer questions and visually experience how they present themselves, as opposed to just seeing them on paper and hearing them on the phone.

Another way technology can help your business is through management software like Tempay Complete Solutions Software. This software helps staffing firms create job orders, enable administrative control over all offices, create customer quotes rapidly and precisely and more. It is the same software TemPay uses to manage staffing service payroll and temp staffing factoring.

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