Settling in at a New Company

When Thomas Moran first arrived at staffing firm Addison Search as the company’s CEO, he faced a lot of pressure. However, he took a step back and decided to take a methodical approach in his new position.

Moran recently outlined this approach in a Smart Business article. His tips can benefit staffing firm owners and operators at all stages of their careers and can be particularly useful for those starting a staffing agency.

  • Get to know people. “The first question you always ask is, ‘Just tell me a little bit about yourself,’” Moran says in the article.
  • Pick your battles. As Moran met with the employees, he sensed they were looking for leaders who could do a better job of making decisions and engaging the staff. So he implemented a “bottoms-up budgeting process” to make it happen.
  • Build a foundation. Moran build relationships with his coworkers as he got to know them. He also kept the lines of communication open and shared his thoughts and goals with them.

For more on Moran’s leadership approach, click here to read the full article.