4 Ways Community Service Benefits Your Business

As hard as you work to meet the staffing needs of your clients, it’s the ability to keep growing your network and list of contacts that is the key to enduring success in the staffing business.


Community service provides a great venue to grow your network and get your firm’s name out in front of people. The benefits to supporting a great cause are obvious, but the truth is, there are a number of ways community service can help your business too.


See how community service can open doors to grow your temporary staffing business with 4 tips from Javier LaFianza, president and CEO of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, one of the world’s most well-known youth leadership training organizations.


  1. Polish your image.

If you’ve bought time for a commercial spot that runs on TV and radio, you’ll get exposure. But it may not do you much good lining up new clients if it annoys more people than it entices to use your business.


On the other hand, think about the message you send when you sponsor a youth baseball team. All the parents sitting in their lawn chairs see your company’s name on the jerseys of the boys and girls out on the field. That’s positive exposure, and it doesn’t have to take any time away from you or your employees.


“I would rather give my business to someone who I see is connected to and involved in the things that I care about,” LaFianza says. “If you’re actually there in front of people and involved and you develop that personal relationship with them, they’re much more likely to help you build your business.”


  1. Energize your team.

You ask a lot of your employees, and they work hard to make sure your clients are getting good people to fill their needs. But asking them to go full speed all the time at work can lead to burnout.


If you give them a chance to support a cause that is close to their heart, perhaps in the form of a paid day off, it can recharge their batteries and brighten their spirits. It also shows you and your company to be a caring part of the community.


“Some companies see it as a wonderful team-building opportunity to get everybody out of their office and out from behind their desk for a day,” LaFianza says. “Encourage them to give back in areas where they are passionate.”


  1. Provide an opportunity.

Internships are a great way to provide a service to your community while also filling a need in your business. Perhaps you have some general office work that you’d rather not burden your busy staff with but nonetheless needs to be done.


Seek out a talented high school or college student to help you out over the summer or during a vacation. It may even lead to a more permanent position.


“If somebody says, ‘My son worked for the John Smith staffing firm and had a great experience,’ they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family as a place to do business,” LaFianza says.


  1. Build your network.

Community service gives you a chance to help others and meet people who you can do business with in a positive setting away from the day-to-day grind of running your staffing firm.


“Before you know it, you’ve expanded your business and professional network in a way that wasn’t available to you before, and you’ve done it on a very personal level,” LaFianza says.