Majority of Employees Don’t Find Job Satisfying

Job satisfaction is low among employed North Americans, according to a survey by Right Management, the talent and career management experts within ManpowerGroup.

The survey found 19 percent of respondents were satisfied with their current position, while 16 percent were somewhat satisfied. In contrast, 21 percent of respondents were somewhat unsatisfied and 44 percent were unsatisfied.

Right Management surveyed 411 employees in the United States and Canada and found that two-thirds are either unsatisfied or somewhat unsatisfied with their current job.

“Job satisfaction is an easily understood workplace indicator,” said Michael Haid, senior vice president of talent management for Right Management, which provides talent, career and outplacement services to Fortune 500 companies. “We’re not asking about fulfillment or enthusiasm, but just job satisfaction. Nevertheless data unmistakably tilt in the wrong direction. Half as many respondents say they’re satisfied with their job compare to those that are unsatisfied. Sorry to say, this comes as no surprise when it comes from workers in the U.S. and Canada, who’ve been giving their grumpy and frank feedback for the past two difficult years.”

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