What is Money-Only Temp Factoring?

When your firm needs a temp agency funding solution but not full-service administrative support, contact TemPay, the most responsive, affordable and personalized choice.

TemPay offers money-only factoring because sometimes you don’t want or need comprehensive administrative support. Negative cash flow may be straining your company’s finances or you may have to turn away business because the bank has set credit limitations ont your business.

We provide funding to companies of all sizes and in all different industries for one low, fixed fee.

This option provides staffing company cash flow factoring in an efficient, cost-effective and affordable manner. You process your own paychecks, print your own invoices and file and pay your own taxes, while we wire you the cash to cover your expenses. TemPay typically advances up to 90 percent or more of your invoice total, among the highest advance rates in the industry.