What is Full-Service Temp Factoring?

When your firm needs a full-service temp factoring partner who handles your temp agency’s payroll, invoices and other administrative burdens, contact TemPay, the most responsive, affordable and personalized choice.

TemPay’s full-service option allows you the freedom to focus on growing your business while we handle the details, such as filing payroll taxes, sending invoices and collections. TemPay can:

• Pay your temporary employees via check, direct deposit or payroll card

• File and pay your payroll taxes

• Invoice your customers

• Collect from your customers and follow up on delinquent accounts

• Provide certainty with one low, fixed fee

TemPay operates as a virtually invisible partner. Your employees and customers see your temporary staffing firm’s name on their checks and invoices. And when we perform collection assistance, we do so as representatives of your company and provide the same great customer service your customers have come to expect. We provide you with multiple reports updating your business activity as well.