How Your Website Fits into Your Overall Recruiting Efforts

Online recruiting is a must in today’s competitive temporary staffing environment, so starting with the right website for your firm is imperative.


With all the options available, it can be easy to get distracted by bells and whistles that don’t really add any functionality to your temporary staffing firm’s site.


Here are three tips from talent management expert Paul Loucks, president and CEO of Halogen Software Inc., a provider of human resources and talent management software, on how to build an effective online recruiting platform.


Do your Homework


Loucks says before you get serious about implementing an online recruiting system at your staffing firm, make sure your team is on the same page about how it’s going to work. Jot down the essentials that you need it to have, as well as the components you can live without. If you’re not clear about what you want, how are you going to help someone else understand it?


You can make changes along the way, but at least you’ll have a framework to build off of as you make those changes. Having a plan will also make it easier as you get into the selection process to find a website development vendor to help you.


Make sure the vendor is focused on the customer and has a high level of success implementing systems. Perform detailed reference checks of similar companies that are using the same vendor and try to understand whether the vendor’s focus is on providing solutions for companies that look and feel like yours.


Be Prepared to Change


Stay away from the mindset that your online recruiting platform has a clear start and finish because it doesn’t. Like most aspects of your business, you have to stay flexible and be in position to adapt when industry trends demand it.


Best practices evolve and continue to change over time, so make sure you know what’s important to you so you can respond. Make sure the vendor you’re choosing is going to keep up with the times too.


Your key purpose is to find talented people whose services you can then provide to your clients to meet their needs, so as you see things that work better or don’t seem to work anymore with your online recruiting platform, don’t be afraid to make tweaks.


Don’t Take Yourself Out of the Equation


Mobile apps could be a great way to make your job postings more accessible. Video resumes can give you insight into a job candidate that you previously never had available. And placing downloadable forms on your site can streamline your hiring process and reduce administrative clutter.


Just don’t expect your new website to make personnel decisions for you. Use the tools at your disposal to make better recruiting decisions and take full advantage of all they can do for you. But don’t let these tools get in the way of your own judgment and instincts.


“It’s really about making sure you get the process right to be able to do better recruiting on behalf of your customer,” Loucks says.