Tips for Avoiding ‘Zombie’ Hires

“Zombie” hires are those employees who don’t pull their weight – they’re unproductive, lazy and destroy morale.

A recent Time article cited statistics that say 41% of companies estimate the cost of bringing such a “zombie” on board at more than $25,000, while one in four firms believe a bad hire costs it more than $50,000.

So how can you avoid these “zombies”?

  • Focus on the interview – Many companies focus on selling their company during an interview rather than getting to know the interviewee. Ask behavior questions during an interview to understand the person’s work style, such as “How would you react to this situation?”
  • Cut the cord – When you spot a “zombie,” take action immediately. Many managers give these employees the benefit of the doubt, but it’s best to eliminate them as soon as possible before they hurt productivity and morale.

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