U.S. Workers Feeling More Secure

A new study released from Randstad, the second largest HR services and staffing company in the world, revealed U.S. workers are feeling more secure in their jobs and less likely to make sacrifices to keep their jobs as they see a more promising future on the horizon. Three out of four (75 percent) U.S. workers feel secure in their jobs and more than half (54 percent) expect the job market to pick up this year.

The Randstad Engagement Index, previously named the Attachment Index, measures the attitudes and perceptions impacting employee engagement within companies today. The findings represent employees’ priorities, concerns, outlook and intent around both their current employer and future career plans. The study targets employees to help employers further understand and better engage their workforces.

“Employees are indicating greater job security which is a good sign for companies. As employees regain their job confidence, there is a real opportunity for employers to re-engage their workforces to maximize and improve performance, productivity and output,” said Joanie Ruge, senior vice president & chief employment analyst for Randstad US. “As the economy and job market continue to recover, employees will likely be more motivated to assess their careers and look towards future prospects. Companies need to be on the lookout for both at-risk employees and top performers and tailor their engagement plans to meet their differing needs. By developing and delivering effective engagement and retention strategies, companies and their employees will reap the benefits both today and in the future.”

For more information and survey findings, read a full press release by clicking here.