Staffing Firm Thrives With Customer Loyalty, Repeat Business

Founded 28 years ago, staffing firm Add Staff has helped more than 41,000 people in Colorado find temporary and permanent jobs since 1984. In the process, it has grown from a one-employee operation to the largest locally owned staffing company, generating more than $13 million in revenue last year, according to a recent Colorado Springs Gazette article.

“We’ve survived three business cycles and been able to finance our own growth without either borrowing or selling our accounts receivable at a discount,” Cari Shaffer, owner and president of Add Staff, says in the article. “My goal when we started was to create loyalty by understanding what our customers need. By doing that, we were able to create repeat business. We knew what was important to our customers and we knew their culture, which made us better at picking the right staff members for them. That has made us a better consultant and brings more value to them.”

To read more about Add Staff and its strategies for longetivity, read the full article by clicking here.