Intuition in the Workplace

Does intuition play a role in today’s workplace? According to a new OfficeTeam study, it can. In fact, 88 percent of administrative professionals surveyed recently said they often make decisions based on gut instinct.

In addition, nearly all (97 percent) of support staff believe anticipating their manager’s needs is important to their career growth, and 94 percent of executives agree.

When asked about the most effective way to anticipate the needs of someone at work without directly asking him or her, 32 percent of administrative professionals said they use deductive reasoning (e.g., moving conflicting appointments when a supervisor’s meeting is rescheduled). One in four (25 percent) of those polled look for behavioral patterns when making decisions (e.g., printing out a flight boarding pass in advance for the boss because he is typically running late).

OfficeTeam has developed a research guide, Business Sense: Putting Your Intuition to Work, and quiz to help workers identify their intuition style. Both are available at

The research guide contains data from a study developed by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals that includes responses from more than 3,500 administrative professionals and 1,300 senior managers in the United States and Canada.