TemPay – Serving Staffing Companies Since 1994 with Payroll Funding & Factoring Services and Support

TemPay is a payroll factoring company offering payroll funding, payroll financing and invoice factoring services to temporary staffing agencies in-need of support for their business success.In the 1980s, TemPay President and Founder Larry Holstein owned a permanent staffing firm. Through this experience, he became familiar with the payroll funding needs of staffing agencies and decided to start a business that would provide quick and easy payroll factoring for these companies.

Holstein founded TemPay in 1994. The business now serves about 250 clients and is on target to continue providing the same great products and services it has become known for in the years to come.

Discover more about TemPay and our history. Learn the differences between payroll funding and payroll factoring. Get ahold of us to have a conversation about your finance needs for your new or growing agency. Lastly, visit our Credit Application page to get the process started for doing business with TemPay!