How to Build a Social Media Recruiting System

Recruiting through social media is a great way to find talent for your staffing agency. One of the keys to making it work is getting your own employees involved in the process. These are people who have already bought into your company and believe in what you’re all about. Why not take advantage of that support and use it to find even more talent?


The process should start with developing a plan to get your employees engaged in what you’re trying to do. It’s a crucial step because if you just say, ‘Hey, let your friends know we’re hiring,’ you’re not always going to end up with a good match between talent and position. Your people need to know what you’re looking for and how they can help you find it.


Here are some tips on how to build an internal social media recruiting system that will enable your staffing firm to make connections to the best talent available.


Build a foundation

It’s true that one of the best parts of social media is the instant gratification it provides users. You can post something on Facebook or Twitter and get an immediate response from your contacts. That can also happen with social media recruiting, but your odds of success will be even greater if you take the time to build a foundation.


Social recruiting works best when there is a buzz about your firm. So before you begin the temp agency recruiting process, get people talking about how great your firm is and about the exciting opportunities that exist there. That way, when someone sees a job opening pop up from your firm, they are going to be a lot more excited about it.


Encourage your employees to share their positive experiences on sites such as LinkedIn. Talk to them about sharing stories or sharing best practices that have helped your firm stand out from the competition. Plant a seed in the minds of the friends and contacts of your employees that your firm is not only one that is going places but is also one they should watch in the future.


Import your existing contacts

Most social media sites have a function that allows you to import your contact list. Take advantage of this feature to find out who is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are people whom you already have a relationship with that you can strengthen through social media. Take a moment to reach out to make a connection and, in the process, make your contact base that much deeper.


Make a good first impression

When someone learns about a new job opportunity at your firm, even if they learned of it from a friend and already have a pretty good idea of what you’re all about, they’re still going to want to see it for themselves.


Make sure they get a great first impression when they click on your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. Include a clear explanation of your service offerings, locations and contact information for anyone who has questions. Make sure that contact information is up to date. Don’t make it difficult for potential job candidates to reach you.


Be responsive

Make sure people are following up with newcomers to your social media landscape. You’re trying to build your network and form relationships that benefit your firm, so don’t make people wait if they comment on something you did or something your team posted in a blog.

Social media recruiting is about creating a community full of people interested in what you do. The richer the community, the better the resources when it comes time to bringing new people on board.