Online Job Board for Staffing Firms

Hiring Hook, which offers website solutions to the recruiting and staffing industry, now provides a job board for the websites of more than 400 recruiting and staffing firms around the world.
The board allows a recruiting or staffing firm can post all of its open positions on its website, allowing both active job seekers and passive candidates to browse through jobs, apply for them and submit their resume for consideration.
“Recruiting and staffing firms enjoy the flexibility that the job board provides, as well as the additional exposure that it gives to their open jobs,” Hiring Hook representative Steve Miller says. “They can add, delete or switch jobs on their site any time they want.”
In addition to the ability to post jobs on their website, Hiring Hook also gives recruiting and staffing firms the option of posting those same jobs to social media sites LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. The majority of firm owners who purchase the job board also take advantage of that capability.
Hiring Hook is a product of Top Echelon, a company dedicated to helping recruiters make more placements.