Three Ways Google Plus Can Help Your Staffing Firm

When Google Plus launched more than a year ago, many questioned whether another social networking site was necessary. After all, many staffing firms are already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and others are beginning to utilize sites like Pinterest. Isn’t that enough?


The answer may be yes if your social networking strategy is helping you consistently hire strong talent, drive new business and satisfy your clients. If not, then consider adding Google Plus to your toolbox.


Here are three reasons to consider using Google Plus:


Boost your SEO


Any conversation about social media invariably leads to talk about search engine optimization — and that conversation begins and ends with Google. It’s all about boosting search rankings by providing quality content and the right key phrases searchers use.


Google Plus lets Google know about your page. So let’s say you use the application’s circles to develop a unique pod of followers interested in learning about the keys to retaining clients. Those followers read about how effective your firm is at client retention and hit the “+1” button inserted at the top of your content. Now you are able to draw their peers to check out the article too.


Each endorsement through the “+1” helps boost your SEO. Your audience grows, and pretty soon, your firm gains valuable credibility on the issue of client retention. If you’re just starting a staffing agency, this could be an invaluable way to find your voice.


Bring people together


Google Plus Hangouts has replaced Gmail video chats and has become a popular place to video conference with as many as 10 people in real time. It was even used by President Obama following his State of the Union address in January. You can post the conference on YouTube, but you also have the option to go back and edit before you post it to create a better presentation.


The Hangout function has received rave reviews from the tech sector. Users and those in their group can watch videos together or share screens. So if you have a hard time getting everyone together in one office, Hangouts may be a useful option for you to share information and collaborate in real time.


Stay in touch with clients


Both the circles and the Hangout function can help you maintain open lines of communication with your clients. If your staffing firm provides help to a number of clients in a specific industry, you can group those clients in a circle and set up impromptu Hangouts to talk about trends or issues.


Instead of sharing the message with everyone on Facebook, you share it with your circle of accounting firms or design studios, for example, and you’re able to get into the discussion with your target audience right away. Along with the staffing company software you already use to manage your firm, this function can be a useful tool when it comes time to renew your contracts and demonstrate the level of service you provide.