Staffing Firm Updates App With Timecard Function

While most staffing firm apps are used as recruiting tools, one firm discovered they can also include critical functions for talent as well!

Staffing firm Aquent recently released the newest version of Aquent Heads Up — its free mobile staffing application for iPhone iOS and Android™ devices.

The Aquent Heads Up app offers enhanced features for talent, including the ability to:

  • Manage timecards from their smartphones by inputting hours and submitting timecards for approval.
  • Check in with their agent throughout the duration of their assignment.
  • Quickly update their agent on their work availability via phone, email and social networks when looking for their next contract employment opportunity.

With Aquent Heads Up and a tap of a button, Aquent Agents immediately know which of their talent is available to place in a job that fits the talent’s specific skill set. This feature increases Aquent’s response time in filling critical marketing, creative, and digital roles for client companies.

“With the Heads Up app, we’re changing the way skilled marketing, creative and digital professionals find temp work and connect with companies that crave their expertise,” said Ann Webster, president of Aquent. “As a global leader in the creative and marketing staffing industry, we know that it’s important to provide the most in-demand and talented professionals to our clients quickly and efficiently, and we are proud to be the first marketing, creative and digital staffing agency to develop that ability.”

Want to learn more about the app so you can apply the technology to your firm? Click here to read the full story.