How To Handle a Manipulative Employee recently reported five phrases that serve as “warning signs” that an employee is trying to manipulate you, along with advice on how to turn the tables. Here are a few to watch for at your staffing firm:

1. “I can’t do my job until you do….”

There are situations where an employee shouldn’t take action before the manager makes a decision, Inc. reports. However, under the guise of trying to do a good job, some employees subtly add action items onto your to do list. That way, when you don’t handle that item immediately, they can blame their lack of progress on you.

To fix this, when an employee at your staffing firm moves an action item from his or her to-do list to yours, simply hand the item back and say, “No, you figure out how to do it.”

2. “I’m so overworked…”

Some employees are experts at looking busy, Inc. says. However, despite all their complaints about overwork, they don’t seem to accomplish anything.

To fix this, tell the employee to stop doing whatever he or she is doing and instead complete a specific, discrete, measurable project. Say something like, “Do this by next Monday. No excuses.”

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