The Top Five Most Annoying Buzz Phrases

There are business buzz phrases out there that will make both your staffing firm’s clients and employees cringe. While these have become part of business lexicon, they’re about as useful as saying nothing; people have heard them so often they just gloss over them, and many don’t even know their meanings. Here are the top five most annoying buzz phrases, as selected by Maren Hogan at

 5. It is what it is.

This phrase, which has no valuable meaning, is used to shut people up or end a conversation. Use it and your staffing firm’s clients and employees will know exactly where they stand.

4. Think outside the box.

Almost every company tells its employees to think outside the box, so thinking outside the box has become the new box. Of course your staffing firm’s employees know you want them to come up with fresh, new ideas. Saying this doesn’t encourage that.

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